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All our pay-sites have a 50% Rev Share with a lifetime account tracking. This includes any trials, joins and rebills. Also all payments are paid out on a weekly basis through CC-BILL.
All you do is put a banner or text link with a special tracking ID on your web site to one of Daddy Cash websites. You then will earn money when someone clicks on the link and becomes a paying member. When any of your site traffic joins one of Daddy Cash pay-site programs, your tracking ID is associated with their profile forever. This also means you earn money even if they become a paying member years later. Start earning cash now by clicking here.

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Our PPV program, DRMPOD pays out a 50% Rev Share on initial and recurring purchases. When any amounts of tokens are purchased you get 50% of the revenue. The average token buy is the $99.95 token package that means you get $49.97! per sale.

This is how it works, when traffic from your site clicks on the DRMPOD banner they are sent to the DRMPOD site, if they buy tokens it is cash in your pocket!

As a Daddy Cash Affiliate you also get!

· Excellent Customer Service
· Emails responded to in a 24 hour period
· Custom Creative upon request
· Creative Updated on a regular basis
· Monthly Newsletters to keep you updated on our programs
· Additional Cash Incentives that are performance based


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